Event Marketing

Have you attended an event where you received a unique promotional item or visited a booth that you will never forget? If you answered yes, you have been exposed to experiential marketing. Experiential marketing can be classified as anything from picking up a promotional product at a trade show…

Print is not Dead: the Value of Print Marketing

We are living in a digital world. Everywhere we look, we see digital ads pop up based on our interests or past search history. With the numerous digital ads we are exposed to daily, you may believe that print is dead. We are here to say that is not the case. Whether you utilize printed pieces or not, it is important to understand the value of print in marketing. Whether traveling to a trade show or sending out a direct mail piece printed items do make an impact. Contrary to digital advertising, print provides consumers with tangible pieces. With print, not only can you see the ad, but you can touch and feel it.

Holiday Gifting

As we move into November and begin to think about the holiday season, we also must start the process of ordering holiday gifts. Although the holidays may seem to be a long way away, now is the time to order your holiday gifts. Whether distributing corporate gifts or client gifts, it is important to plan and order far enough in advance. By ordering early you can ensure gifts are received and dispersed before the holiday rush. More likely than not you would rather be the first gift that a client receives rather than the last. It is important to plan accordingly in order to leave a lasting impression with the client. From imprinted items to food gifts One Point can help to assist with all your holiday gift needs.