Event Marketing

Have you attended an event where you received a unique promotional item or visited a booth that you will never forget? If you answered yes, you have been exposed to experiential marketing. Experiential marketing can be classified as anything from picking up a promotional product at a trade show, testing out a brand’s product, or attending an event that a brand is hosting. It is really all about the brand experience that helps a consumer to remember a brand. This is becoming extremely popular at events across the country. Trade shows are a prime example of events that utilizes experiential marketing.

Trade Shows

Every aspect of a trade show is meant to influence the experience of the consumer attending. From the booth design to the giveaways all are meant to leave a lasting impression. A unique or useful promotional item will not only catch the attention of the consumer but will also help them to remember who provided them with the item. Another way to catch the attention of a consumer is to target them before they arrive at the event. This can be done through a direct mail piece that encourages consumers to visit a booth. In the sample shown you can see that a piece was sent out encouraging the consumer to stop at the booth to see if they won a prize. We can even do the same thing with a Text to Win promotion.

Once you have a consumer visit your booth it is important to continue to keep them engaged and at the booth if possible. This is where other interactive activities can be implemented. This can include everything from a prize wheel, to a money grab machine and much more! Items such as these will help to catch the attention of consumers and keep them at your booth until you get your message across.

On-Site Events

If you have ever attended a grand opening event or some sort of on-site company event, you have been exposed to experiential marketing there as well. Direct mail pieces for an upcoming event are a great way to catch the attention of consumers and encourage that they attend the event. Common direct mail pieces for an on-site event may include a QR code or even a key for a chance to win a car.

There are a wide variety of ideas that one can implement to drive traffic to an on-site event.

Sponsoring an Event

If you are a sponsor for an event this is another prime opportunity to implement experiential marketing. Similar to a trade show where companies can showcase their products, being an event sponsor can also provide a chance for this brand exposure. Depending on what type of event you are sponsoring this can provide an opportunity to provide product, a booth or even more. Many large brands sponsor events that may have nothing to do with what their company offers as a way to capture the attention of a new demographic.

Allow our team to help assist you with your next upcoming event weather it be a trade show, on-site event or an event that you are a sponsor for. One Point can provide you with printed pieces, promotional items, trade show displays and everything else you will need for a successful event. Reach out to your One Point Sales Representative today for more information!