Holiday Gifting

As we move into November and begin to think about the holiday season, we also must start the process of ordering holiday gifts. Although the holidays may seem to be a long way away, now is the time to order your holiday gifts. Whether distributing corporate gifts or client gifts, it is important to plan and order far enough in advance. By ordering early you can ensure gifts are received and dispersed before the holiday rush. More likely than not you would rather be the first gift that a client receives rather than the last. It is important to plan accordingly in order to leave a lasting impression with the client. From imprinted items to food gifts One Point can help to assist with all your holiday gift needs.

Important considerations:

  • What is your gift budget?
  • Will all employees and/or clients receive the same gift?
  • What is your in hands date?
  • What is the message you would like for your gift to send?
  • Will you send multiple gifts to a client if there are multiple contacts for this client?
  • Do you want to distribute the gifts or have them sent direct to your employees and/or clients?

Not sure where to start? Luckily One Point can assist. With thousands of promotional products available we can provide gift options to fit all budgets. Check out our promotional products website here. Still not sure which gift to get?

Recommendations for corporate gifts include:

  • Apparel: Everything from jackets, shirts and hats. All customized with your company’s logo for employees to wear both in and outside of the office.
  • Drinkware: Whether it be a coffee mug or insulated water bottle displaying your company logo.
  • Gift Sets: A gift set allows you to provide your employees with multiple gifts all in one.
  • Tech Gifts: For the amount of time we all spend on our devices portable charges, car charges and tech accessories are perfect gifts.
  • Food Gifts: Whether you have an employee with a sweet tooth, one who prefers salty snacks or both there are a variety of food gift baskets to choose from.
  • Bags: From luggage, backpacks, laptop cases and lunch boxes there is a wide variety of bags to choose from that can be personalized with your logo.

Did you know that the number one reason customers stop working with a business is because they feel unappreciated? Help to retain your current clients by providing them with holiday gifts to show that you value them, and they are appreciated.

Recommendations for client gifts include:

  • Food Gifts: Food gifts are a great gift for clients as the gifts can be shared amongst employees.
  • Drinkware: Another great client gift that can include coffee mugs, tumblers or water bottles.
  • Tech Gifts: Tech gifts are also well received by clients and can come in handy in many situations.
  • Gift Sets: Gift sets also go over well with clients, and this provides the opportunity to give the clients multiple gifts.
  • Calendars: A calendar is always a nice simple gift that is used throughout the entire year and can be found displayed right in a client’s office for all to see.


Reach out to your One Point sales representative to discuss holiday gifts today!