New Year, New Brand: Starting off 2019 with a ReBrand

The new year is upon us, and as we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 it is time for a fresh start. This may involve a new year’s resolution or new goals, but this can also include a rebrand. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to give your brand a fresh new look. As we all know there are multiple factors that go into rebranding that can be somewhat overwhelming. That is why the One Point team is here to help with all your rebranding needs.

A rebrand is not simply just a logo change. A rebrand can ultimately help an organization to redefine themselves as a brand. All aspects of a logo including the design, colors, tagline, etc. can influence the way in which a brand is perceived. If you are considering a rebrand there are a few questions to ask before beginning the process:

  • Are you looking to revamp your entire brand?
  • Will you utilize the same colors?
  • What updated materials will you need for your new branding?

When updating branding this can be something as simple as a minor logo change or a brand-new logo. Many companies will update an existing logo by giving the logo a modern look that still distinguishes the brand well. Additional updates to a brand include utilizing a new font, adding a tagline to an existing logo, or updating a mission statement. If updating to a brand-new logo this may require much more preparation. It is important to ensure that all brand aspects are updated accordingly, in order to make clients aware of the change.

A color can say a lot about the message that a brand is trying to send. Certain colors are said to not only attract your attention but also your senses. Ever notice how many fast food signs are red, yellow or both? Red is associated with triggering hunger while also attracting attention. Yellow is said to trigger happiness. There are a variety of online resources available which outline the psychology of primary colors. Theses guides are a great reference to review if you are updating the colors for your brand and would like to ensure that you are choosing colors that will fit the message that you are trying to convey.

It is important to understand which materials will need to be updated when making any changes to branding. Important items to consider include outdoor and vehicle signage, surroundings and office space, literature, promotional items and website. As any changes are made to a brand it is important to make sure all client facing items are updated. Outdoor and vehicle signage as well as the surroundings and office space are viewed by clients on a daily basis, so these items should be a top priority. Literature and promotional items are items which both clients and prospects can receive. It is important that once the update is made that all literature and promotional items dispersed reflect the new branding. The company’s website should be a visual representation of the brand. On the website it is important to make sure all brand updates are reflected. This includes everything from an updated logo, to an updated mission statement, etc. Often, prospects will review a company’s website before contacting the company directly. With that being said, it is important to update your website in a timely manner to reflect any changes that represent the brand.

If you have not already developed brand guidelines a rebrand is the perfect opportunity to develop a set of brand guidelines. Establishing guidelines is important in order to ensure that your logo, fonts and colors are utilized properly. The brand guidelines should outline your logo specifications, fonts and type styles, colors and all other pertinent information. Once developed the brand guidelines should then be distributed to all vendors you work with for various printed items.

We know there are quite a few factors involved in a rebrand. It can be difficult to make all updates at once, so it is important to plan accordingly in order to phase out old branded materials. After being in business for 30+ years our experienced team has helped to assist with many rebrands. Allow our team to help assist with your company’s rebrand, and make the process seamless. Contact your One Point sales representative today for more information!