One Point of Light Charity Committee

The One Point of Light Committee seeks to share the company's gifts with the community. The committee was started in 1997 by One Point President Patrick McMahon. Since the start of the committee over $1,000,000 has been donated to local organizations and non-profits throughout NEPA. Members of the committee meet on a regular basis to discuss donations, and other opportunities for the company to give back. All One Point employees receive 8 PTO hours each year to spend time volunteering at a local organization or a fundraising event.

One Point of Light

In June of 2019, our team hosted a carnival day for our neighbor, John Adams Elementary School. The carnival day was called "Bulldog Day" in honor of the John Adams mascot. This event was an opportunity for our team to give back to a local school, and allow the students to experience a day of fun without a care in the world. Many businesses that we work with, and a few of our clients donated funds to the event. The funds received allowed our team to provide the children a day filled with fun activities. There were many smiles and laughs shared on this day. It was hard to tell between the students and our team who had the most fun. The team plans to host the event again in the fall of 2021.

Each year the committee looks to find new volunteer opportunities, and takes the time to learn about organizations in the community. In addition to the committee in Scranton, there is also a OPOL committee in Bethlehem at our sister company Corporate Environments. The Committee in Bethlehem focuses their efforts on donations and volunteer opportunities with local organizations in the Lehigh Valley.

Cup of Joy Nomination

The One Point of Light Committee voted to implement its own version of the Hero Award. We are looking for people who go above and beyond as volunteers. The committee will review entries quarterly and vote for the best candidate to receive the “Cup of Joy.” The four quarterly winners will be entered to receive the “Bucket of Joy” at year’s end.