Print is not Dead: the Value of Print Marketing

We are living in a digital world. Everywhere we look, we see digital ads pop up based on our interests or past search history. With the numerous digital ads we are exposed to daily, you may believe that print is dead. We are here to say that is not the case.

Whether you utilize printed pieces or not, it is important to understand the value of print in marketing. Whether traveling to a trade show or sending out a direct mail piece printed items do make an impact. Contrary to digital advertising, print provides consumers with tangible pieces. With print, not only can you see the ad, but you can touch and feel it.

Print is no longer just 1 dimensional or plain black and white. The capabilities of print allow pieces to be 3 dimensional as well as bursting with colors and even metallics. The weight of the stock used can leave quite the lasting impression with a client. Varnish is a nice added feature that can give a printed piece extra character, and truly grab the attention of a consumer. With today’s digital print technology, even short run print can incorporate extra design features that were previously only available on larger quantities. There is even the opportunity to incorporate printed pieces with technology. By adding a QR code to a printed piece this makes the link become interactive and allows consumers to engage with an advertisement. The QR code can be set up to lead the consumers to either a specific URL page, media or even more.

Is print or digital best?

Not sure whether digital marketing or print marketing is best for your business? Truth is that a combination of the both can make for a successful marketing campaign. If you are currently targeting consumers with digital ads, it can be extremely beneficial to also send a consumer a direct mail piece. With a direct mail piece, you can target the consumer in a different way. The more touchpoints with the consumer the better and the easier it is to get your message across. If you are considering implementing both it is important to ensure that the two complement each other. Your digital marketing piece can be a brief reflection of the printed piece or vice versa. The goal is to ensure that the message that you are trying to send is received in the right way.

One Point Print Capabilities

Our One Point team offers print options to fit all needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for a short-run print job or a job for 50,000+ pieces we can help with that. Whether it is a booklet, pamphlet, folders, business cards, contracts, forms etc. we’ve got you covered! We can even store all your printed items in our warehouse to be released when you need them and not clutter up your space. Check out our storage and distribution solutions here!

Reach out to your One Point sales representative for more information regarding our print capabilities today!